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AI kommer att skapa en lavin av "Blockbuster" öden.

Inaktivitet är inte ett alternativ. Omfamna de stora möjligheterna med AI. Eller blekna bort.

De snabba och accelererade förändringarna som nu sker med AI är svårförstådd för hundratusentals företag. Vi hjälper dig att förstå AI. Ligga före. Och inte lämnas åt ödet att vara föråldrad. Att göra samma sak som tidigare utan att tillämpa AI kommer att vara ödesdigert.

Some doomsday reports among the many you already seen

Below are some links provided about the effects of the AI revolution. We think most of them are biased in the negative sense. AI is here to stay and will affect your business. One way or another. 

Use AI to get ahead while others panic (PREPARE NOW) | Tom Bilyeu
AI is set to disrupt jobs, but it also presents a massive opportunity for those who embrace it.
"You will not get replaced by AI. You will be replaced with someone using AI"
AI will be the biggest change in anyone's lifetime, providing a force multiplier for problem-solving.
Instead of trying to beat AI, it's essential to use it as a tool to improve your work.
Mastering AI tools and being an early adopter can give you a competitive advantage.
AI offers unparalleled efficiency and can enhance tasks such as generating content, analyzing data, and solving problems at a rapid pace.

The 11 Industries That AI Will Kill Off First...
  • Graphic designers may face competition from AI-powered design tools that can create high-quality designs quickly.
  • Translators and interpreters may find their skills less relevant as AI-powered language processing software improves.
  • AI-powered robots are replacing human workers in manufacturing and assembly line jobs, raising concerns about job displacement.
  • AI algorithms are automating data entry and data processing tasks, potentially making these jobs redundant.
  • Customer service representatives, proofreaders, market research analysts, legal assistants, financial planners, tax preparers, and junior software developers may also face challenges in adapting to the rise of AI in their respective field