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All fall into place with the right strategy for AI.

Let us work together to get you a perfect roadmap for the implementation of AI.

First, we will ask you all the questions on how you run the business today.
And then, we will provide a roadmap, training, and coach every level of your organization on embracing AI to leverage your business and systems. 
Can AI wait? 
Why not contact us today for a discussion to see if we and our solutions are the right fit for you? 

What we at offer


We help the Board with AI strategy.


We empower the team with AI skills.


We 10X the individuals with AI Tools.

At, we have pivoted our business model just as you need to pivot yours.

First, we improved our award-winning LMS by adding a Business Class version of ChatGPT suitable for executives. We realized that we have made a better version of ChatGTP itself. Among many features, we were ahead of OpenAI at the beginning of 2023 with private and public prompts and added team prompts also.

Simply put: We adopted the force of nature with AI and converted our existing LMS system to an AI Learning Management System. This platform is now a cornerstone of our services. 

Adopting ourselfs; we now help others. 

Our services are based on three AI-focused areas to help you and your organization thrive in the AI era.


For the Enterprise:

With AI Analysis K3, we analyze what the Management, the Board of Directors, the CEO, and all C-level staff need to do and focus on in the new landscape of AI. Today. Not when it's too late.


For the Team:

AI Skillset K3. We ensure the team in any organization has the right knowledge and skillset and validate this with our award-winning Learning Management System. You will enhance profits with a Prompter Engineering strategy for every organization member. We help you put this in place. 


For the Individual:

AI Acceleration K3.
We make sure you get the right AI tools and knowledge to boost your creativity and output you need in order to excel your output 10X in your profession.
As an example introduction: In January 2023 we created ChatGPT Business Class K3 to ensure that YOU, the individual, will get max out of ChatGPT with the replies from ChatGPT in Edit mode leaving wait, copy-paste and "return later" behind. You modify direct and are in control of the prompts. 

With ChatGPT Business Class K3

You will get a better version of ChatGPT, enhance your knowledge of AI, and explore the vast opportunities that will arise in the new era of Articifiell Intelligence. And that's just a start. We have the solutions and packages suited for you to coach you on a personal level to maximize revenues with AI.

  • You can "fly" K3 on Low fair, Budget, Economy, Business Class, or First Class on the individual level.

  • You can take the team on a K3 Private Jet program.  

  • Or you can take the Enterprise on a K3 Air Ship or K3 Space Ship. 

  • There is a tailored AI experience for you, your team, and your enterprise with 

  • Welcome to! Let the new journey begin. 
    Time for AI Take-off.