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With over 30 years of experience in the digital education industry and over 25000 clients served in multiple industries and niches, from global Fortune 500 companies to small business ownership, we are proud to have the ongoing satisfaction of our clients. 

Sven-Otto Littorin

Former Ministry of Employment in Sweden

”The progress in KSA since Vision 2030 was launched has been astonishing. Saudi Arabia's future is very prosperous. is helping to reach the goals for Vision 2030 by helping Saudi Companies with AI skills and enhanced productivity tools. I have seen the stellar technology of top-notch AI in the K3 platform, especially the Business Class version of ChatGPT, and can highly recommend their services and platform.”

Urban Juhlin

Quote- Rationalization Consultant Madrid

"Klick Data's e-courses have been a very price- and time-efficient training option."

Jan Alriksson

Telia Region Sweden

"Klick Data has really succeeded in the art of making the participant see the possibilities in using the program effectively in an educational way..."

Ann-Marie Larsson

Karolinska Hospital​​, Sweden

"Now that we know InDesign, we do many of our mailings ourselves. The fact that you always have access to the course and can rehearse... Fantastically smart!"


Swedish Computer magazine

" a form of education, we find it difficult to see either better, more flexible or more economical alternatives. Rating 5 out of 5 possible"

Fleming Weijdenhaijn

TeliaSonera Sverige AB

"Had a terrible benefit from your courses. Very good thing to go back to. Am an experienced user, and still enjoy being able to repeat. I'm a click addict."

Klick Data - Best in test

Computer Sweden
Brilliant pedagogy... Klick Data has invested in it being easy to learn, simple and personal, and it succeeds excellently in that...

Johnny Lindgren

LacTec AB

"Other than that, I think the courses are excellent. I thought I was almost fully versed in Excel, but I got lots of useful tips already on the first course."

Björn Termenius

Boo Energi

"Incredibly good complement to other educations. You get started right away, which is great. Actually, this is what you should buy first. Then you have the best foundation in the world to stand on to move on. Then you know what to delve into if you then buy a book."

Karl-Åke Söderkvist

Skanör, Sweden

"My son applied for an internship in London at Tokyo Mitsubishi Data. The requirement was, among other things, high knowledge of Excel. He had zero knowledge but wrote good knowledge in the application. He called me for help, and I recommend Klick Data's e-course in Microsoft Excel. After two days, the son calls his father home in Sweden and informs him that he is handling Excel superbly. He praises Klick Data's extraordinary pedagogy. Today, he is back in Sweden and has a research job at Ericson."

Björn Gustavsson

ABB Atom

"We choose to work with Klick Data's training because it works so well. It's that simple!"

Claes-Göran "Kulan" Bark


"Very easy to understand and user-friendly. If you also have a little ambition, you can quickly become incredibly good."

Anki Ahlkvist

IT Manager, IMS Data AB,

"Impressive pedagogy in your courses"


Swedish Computer magazine
Klick Data has gained a big lead on the video education side, both pedagogically and technically. No talk about that.


Swedish Computer magazine
Clean interface, with few and familiar buttons, as well as clear and clear instructions. Also appealing is the tree structure pop-up menu that shows which section and chapter you are in-


The evening press
Calm and educationally laid out. Instructive, clear and easy to understand. Consistent courses of high quality.

Kurt-Inge Ekholm

I have gone through many of the courses, even though I do not use the programs myself, but I am becoming a much better procurer, because I know what is involved when I have to order from consultants.

Tina Thörner

Runner-up in the Dakar Rally
Klick Data's courses are superb when you need to learn a program.

Anders Laurenth

IT coordinator Sapa AB
If you are going to take a course, you must be well-read. You can do that with Klick. Then the teacher-led course provides much more.

Veckans Affärer

Swedish daily press
Just said Klick! It was when he was working as a Macintosh salesman that the business idea was born. Erik Bolinder discovered how costly it was for companies to learn how to use the programs optimally. The courses were expensive and time-consuming and required the staff to be present at a given time and place... Erik Bolinder made a move and formed Klick Data... Among the customers are large companies such as Tetra Pak, Alfa-Laval and ABB.

Bo Olsson

Sydsvenska Dagbladet
We benefit greatly from your educational videos. Talk about cost-effective!

Peter Sparreman

Swedish Labor Market Institute
Have tested 9 different types of interactive training for several years and I notice that Klick Data is the one that suits the most people.


Swedish Computer magazine
Klick Data's teachers receive the highest marks. The teachers have a high level of knowledge and the ability to make each course section interesting.

Inger Sundberg

I actually learned so much through Klickdata a few years ago, so I dare to have my own courses at Medborgarskolan now. :) Feel free to quote me if you want! Just fun! There are many positive things to say! Especially Excel, which is so difficult, became so easy with Klickdata!

Anders Taberman

Trafikverket Region Sydöst
Fantastic with total flexibility, and still being able to receive quality teaching.

Robert Hallgren

B&S Foods AB
I have sneaked a peek at a few courses in K3 and must say that the structure is great. It flows just as before on CD with picture and sound. The system is very impressive.

Anette Lindberg

We use several of Klick Data's training courses as a supplement in our teaching, and it works great!

Jan Hartoft

Lipac Liftar
10 times easier than these frigging manuals written for engineers by engineers. This is really a way to learn. Also perfect with the division when you want to go back on important topics that you work a lot on.

Jan Strimling

Distance and guidance centre, Sundbyberg
One of our clients got a job after taking Klick Data's courses, which he would never have if he didn't learn. He was a graphic designer and 50+ but became very good at the new technology in a short time.

Sture Jelldeus

HR manager, Carrier AB
K3 is highly appreciated by our employees.

Niclas Palm

IT manager, Roslagsvatten
I didn't know K3 contained so much.

Ulrika Scharp

Rainer & Scharp Information
I bought the courses on Microsoft Word. It was liberating to learn a program from scratch.

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