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Legal links for K3

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1. Use of K3 Services.

We use Klick Data services on our sites that require login credentials, currently on

  • (2020-) KlickData KLMS, also referred to as KlickData LMS or KLMS on site and earlier on

  • (2003-2020) Klickportalen K3 also referred to as Klickportalen
  • (1996-2006) Klick Data educational CD-ROM and internal hard drive solution Klick Data Server P3
  • (2023-) K3 Business Class K3. Within KLMS, we offer a special service with a focus on ChatGPT functionality built-in KLMS with an enhancement for a 10X productivity boost for executives and content creators. This service gives limited access to KLMS as an Academy User (AU) with the ChatGPT service in focus via an API to OpenAI GPT-3 access from Feb 2023 (see Chat K3

All of the above is regulated by the general License agreement (eng) or translated into Swedish by the Licensvillkor (sv). 

To use the content, functionality with e-coursesand tests and surveys within these domains, a license fee needs to be regulated and agreed upon. Either by the individual, company, organization, governmental body, or educational institution that signs a Site license or an individual customer who signs a license for a specific e-course. 

2. Definition of the terminology used by K3.

To understand the terminology used by Klick Data to understand the legal aspects, please read the terminology


On our Swedish site, we use the regulations for GDPR
We follow the principles in Swedish stated in the IMY governmental body (sv. Integritetsmyndigheten)

4. Policy for Ethics, Quality, and Environment

For over thirty years in the digital-based education industry, we have worked to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by sending courses to customers and not customers to courses. It has saved a lot of carbon dioxide in transport in Sweden in addition to the efficiency gains companies make and has made to maximize the education budget. With KlickData LMS / KLMS as a basis for educational initiatives with an agreement for online education, you save money on travel, course costs, hotel, and accommodation costs, and the environment while simplifying the learning of important knowledge for the organization.
Klick Data has gathered its ethical, quality, and environmental policies in this document  (sv. Miljöpolicy). (link to Swedish PDF).

If the environment is a priority part of your policy, e-learning is the tool to which the education budget will be re-weighted. It is the focus of the environmental debate, as an example from the Peace Prize winner and the 44th Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, in his efforts for a better future for us all. 

Here is a picture of him and Klick Data's CEO and Founder, Erik Bolinder, at a seminar in Nacka in October 2008.

Al Gore and Erik Bolinder 

What we all have realized in recent years is the realization that we all need to start acting today and let our actions lead us to a smaller oil-consuming future. We at Klick Data are dedicated to our joint environmental responsibility, and KlickData KLMS is the tool to help our customers catalyze the training and business processes. To summarize: KLMS is good for the budget, the employees, and the climate.

5. IT Security policy

Klick Data has a policy regarding IT Security (sv. Informationssäkerhetspolicy).

6. Routine for information classification, labeling, and handling

Klick Data routine for information classification, labeling and handling according to ITY. (sv. Klick Data Rutin för informationsklassning, märkning och hantering)

7. Quality Management System

Klick Data routine for information classification, labeling and handling according to ITY. (sv. Klick Data Rutin för informationsklassning, märkning och hantering)