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About Us

Klick Data AB (publ) is today one of the leading Swedish educational companies in interactive educational products and e-learning in general with a user-friendly, intuitive learning platform (LMS) for knowledge validation within organizations.


KlickData has 30 years of experience in their own- and assignment-produced e-courses. In total, there have been over 500 productions since 1992. When Klickportalen launched K3 in 2005, it was initially a gathering place for KlickData's e-courses on the web. Today, the platform K3 / KLMS is the market's most effective LMS for interactive education and the core of KlickData's operations.

KlickData's business concept is to deliver added value of digital education services that enable individuals to quickly and easily learn new knowledge, strengthening organizations' professional competence. To get companies through the KlickData platform, companies and organizations will continuously pursue better-educated staff, increased profitability, and higher quality.

KlickData's vision has always been to become and remain the leading e-learning brand in Sweden. Now we move further along on a global scale with the leading companies in the World.